Tooth Problem

My teenager had a little problem with his tooth, his tooth on the right side is not straight and we were considering to look for an orthodontist for check up. There are a lot of orthodontists anywhere but we need to look for the right one since only one tooth disturbs his smile as I look at it as a mom. I was glad to discover this orthodontist online, they have different types of treatments for all ages. I get excited for this.
I really like the way they explained the different types of treatments like traditional braces and clear braces which is the newest type to straighten my teenager’s tooth without the use of conventional braces. But at this time I’m not sure if there is still available since everything is already online. My son desired to have his braces even before pandemic but everything was stop when pandemic hits the world. It’s interesting though. I want my son to give him a real smile without any tooth problem.

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