A Heart with Faith

A heart that has a firm faith will never be frightened with trials, tests and difficulties of life. We know full well that God’s love will not abandoned those who trust in Him. I always believe, God works in many ways. His plans are different from anyone and every individual has given a chance to choose wisely. The life we live is our choice, whether to live according to His purpose or to live on our own selfish desires.

Life is short as what someone would say, and it is true. Whatever we do it will always be connected to the faith we have in Him! Are we doing everything for our own desires? Or are we doing it to the purpose God has entrusted for us to do? It’s always our choice because God has given us choices to make just like Adam and Eve, God told them not to eat but they have a choice whether to obey or not and because they disobeyed, a consequence followed. If we obey and have faith in Him, it’s a faith that works.

What is your life now? Are you trusting the Lord for everything? Are you giving Him a chance to work in your life? It’s a choice.

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