Attending a Camp

camp, training

Our teenager will be attending a camp somewhere in Cebu. It is my desire that he will learn something about the Lord before facing another ladder of success in college. He still needs to learn many things about life and how to handle all of it with the fear of the Lord.

Inasmuch as I wanted he disagrees a lot of times and that’s where I wanted him to learn. It is not easy to train teenagers nowadays. During my time, I chose to be good and learned to obey most of the time. But for them, it has a different way of telling and training them thus, training needs patience and perseverance in all aspects of their teenage life. Parents need to keep on going and trusting the Lord for everything.

He will be traveling with some of the group tomorrow morning. It is always my prayer that the Lord change his heart and become a better person, responsible in all his dealings and become mature spiritually.

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