The Cozy Place

cozy place, cool

We’ve been to Thailand for more than a couple of years already. We tried different tastes of food which is not the same from our own native land. It’s very different but it taste good when you learn to eat and tried the other delicacies. They even had water cockroaches and the like, it tastes good according to hubby. I didn’t try because I’m scared of the look.

What amazed me? Here are some of the tips; if you want to visit: 1. The People are always smiling. We came from a city of smile in Bacolod, Phil. and we’re happy that we’re going to stay in the “Land of Smiles.” Thais are always giving their best smile. Often times you would hear them saying, “Sawatdee kha (krap),” or “Mai pen rai” (which means never mind), when they hit someone and nothing happened. I remember the last time, we stayed at home and watched a movie, then our teenager saw someone bumped our car outside, and nothing happened, so the driver said, “khoothoot” (which means sorry), then my hubby said, mai pen rai krap! 2. The Food are very hot and spicy, not just quite hot but very spicy for us at first. Our kids were crying the first time we came, they can’t take it. But they were so glad when we discovered the Thai fried rice, they call it “Khao Pat.”( You can choose whether fried rice with chicken(kai), shrimp (kung), or seafood (kaa ley). So our kids always ask for “Khao Pat.” Then later our teenager learned to love and eat spicy food. You can find stalls anywhere even in the streets. They will cook for you. 3. The Place is so cozy and livable, you will love to stay here. There are different attractions like, waterfalls, attractive beaches, malls (with promotions) in every occasion, a lot of things to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature.
4. The Shops are everywhere too with varieties like when you want a cheaper ones or the most expensive, you can find it here. But most shops are cheap and affordable.

Last time, I was able to buy for 50% less of beauty products. Then I saw a promotion about body reshaping and I look at it. I guess, for those who were curious about it check it out. My hubby just smile and my teenager just giggle seeing me reading all those stuffs. How I wish I could undergo that kind of thing. But I’m scared, so I just enjoy reading it. If you want just click and see their promotions. You will enjoy too and you will have fun…

Miracles are Still Happening

miracles, I believe

I had many stories about miracles, and I, for one had experienced it. When I was 28 years old I gave birth to our eldest son, Em-em, after few weeks, my brother-in-law saw a big lump at the back of my knees. And he immediately told me and my sister. I don’t know what to do at first, but when our mother saw it, everyone in my family was anxious.

The next week, they ask me to see the doctor for check up, I was apprehended at first because we don’t have that much to pay. I was just gave birth and it seems that everything we need to spend must be in our budget. And visiting a doctor was not included. But it’s good that we have a bluecross health insurance, it waas helpful.

I used it, then my sweetie accompanied me and we found an old physician capable to check my lump. We came inside his clinic, I told him of the case and when he saw the lump, he immediately told me that I need to be operated. I was shocked and I told him if it’s okay for him we will go home first and do what we can to prepare for the operation, then he agreed. But deep in my mind, I was asking the Lord to do a miracle. The next day we went back to the doctor but I was not feeling well due to nausea and cough. Then he told me that I need to rest first because I was not physically fit, after a week, he said I will come back and he gave me some medications. I was so happy then.

The next week we (me and my sweetie,that’s how I call my hubby) attended a conference and there we experienced refreshing of our soul. And on the last day, I was pleading to the Lord and asking HIM again and again for healing.

Amazingly, I discovered that the lump was becoming smaller each day after the conference and gradually it was gone, and we did not go back to my doctor anymore. Maybe my doctor was wondering why I was lost and was found no more, was disappeared for a long time until now.

God can still do miracles even to this day. We just need to trust in His love and care! Hope you will ponder upon it and seek His help. Blessings to all of you. Do you believe in miracles?

A Miracle Baby

AJ, giving birth

Before our baby was born, I labored for 36 hours. I struggled a lot, having high fever, and was already chilling. It was my saddest moment but I was lifted up by the Lord through the prayers of our friends and relatives. The doctor who was also our friend, gave me 10 minutes, then right after that I would be under an operation. I claim God’s grace and power during that time. I was claiming God’s anointing to be upon me and the baby.

After struggling for prayers, God miraculously answered our prayers. AJ was born with high fever too because he had already took some infections from me. Both of us stayed for few days in the hospital before going back home. Yet AJ stayed longer due to jaundice and fever. But he was able to survive and keep struggling for life. It’s not so easy at first but we were able to manage. He had to undergo hep-lock for a week while taking medicine and antibiotic. He has to take 3 vials for a day.

But God is always faithful and true. He will never leave His children unattended nor his seed begging bread. He was our Jehovah Jireh, our God who provides! And He proves who HE is to us! He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End! Glory be His name.

The Celebration – Masskara

masskara, celebration


Masskara is a celebration during the month of October here in the city of Bacolod, Phil. It’s a time where many tourists came and watch the succeeding shows every now and then. A city where everyone smiles at you and feel the warmth of the place. A place where everyone is busy from the schools to the stores and even big department stores join in the celebration.

Masskara has a yellow background – Mellow Yellow Monday is always on the go. See you…

On the Way…

beautiful pathway

We love to visit place especially those who are suffering from hunger. We went to a secluded fishing village and we saw many who really suffered. However, on the way, you could beautiful and attractive places and we could never imagine that we are going to a place where people find ways and means just to survive.