Becoming a Leader…

My son, Em em had always been a child full of humor and energy during his elementary years. He become reserved and even seems to have that kind of aloofness to people he just met first time.
So sometimes, it makes me worried, especially when it comes to his social life. He would rather stay home than go out elsewhere or he might go out but only with his close friends. Seldom will you see him mingling with other kids in the block. He is more absorbed studying new chords from a guitar chart than playing football which is also by the way his favorite sport. He is rooting for ManUnited (Manchester United).
In my worries for him, my husband reminds me that he is undergoing some changes in his teenage life, and no need to concern with his seemingly “anti-sociaL behavior,
Last time, after his father send him to Cebu alone, for a leadership training – I can sense some changes in him when he came back home.
It was confirmed by his friend and cousins during the Summer Youth Camp in Western Visayas. He truly shine out as a Counselor and a leader of the group assigned to him.
i am now relieved that my son is now becoming a leader, as we expect him to be. i am looking forward to see him journey with confidence the road that was set before him..

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