My Birthday Bash

It was a busy week when I celebrated my birthday last week. I was able to survive after graduation because in the evening we had birthday fellowship. Some friends came, family members celebrated with us and many greeted. That day was tough because of the traffic after graduation of our eldest son in Computer Engineering. It was also a crying moment for me since the one I expected to greet did not make it. Somehow, I have learned to accept the reality and I did amidst the hurts. Sigh!

Our Teenager Turned 21




It’s really a joy to behold when our kids grow and become mature individuals. Parents feel good seeing them doing good and aiming high for the Lord. It’s indeed a great privilege for us to be a part of their growing up. And still praying that God will bless, guide and lead them to the right path. That they will choose to obey God rather than men.

Sons are a heritage from the Lord. God gave them to us for a purpose and so that they could become partakers of God’s goodness and love. Lord thank you for the life of our sons. Thank you for helping them to be good and faithful.

Birthday Bash

Hubby came to school in the afternoon of my birthday and brought a bouquet of flowers. I was touched and glad to see him doing it. Thank God for hubby, amidst the storms we faced in our married relationship but still he never failed to greet and gave me a hug and made me smile on my special day. I will be posting pictures soon after fixing my blog, huh!

I prepared palabok, baked a cake and a juice for healthy food.

God’s Grace

I celebrated my birthday during our practices and all the students sang. Anyway, I am blessed by the Lord with all the skills and talents and it’s always my desire to give HIM my praises and thanksgiving. Thank you Lord for the gift of life, gift of talents, and gift of grace bestowed upon me. I am grateful. Everyday great is your faithfulness oh God. It is always renewed every morning.

His Blessings

tatay bday

It’s always our joy to give parties to our parents since our sister would send some amount for the celebration. We all joined and enjoyed. All of us in the family would celebrate and be a part of the party. Somehow, Nanay and Tatay would be happy and will enjoy to see their growing family. It’s a joy to behold and to celebrate God’s faithfulness and grace.

Eating Healthy Food



Eating healthy food is always the cry of my heart. But sometimes though I can’t say no to some food that the party will provide for those who are attending. That’s why I usually eat any food as long as there are vegetables that go with it. It’s always my joy to eat healthy. How about you? Are you fond of eating healthy food or junk snacks?

Special Day


Few years ago we attended Ielle’s birthday. It was so memorable because hubby was giving some tricks and our kids enjoyed watching. During birthdays, and other special occasions we all watched hubby’s tricks and we enjoyed seeing many people enjoying as well. This birthday was done near Lopue’s East, a big, new hotel in town. Many were invited and we all enjoyed the celebration.

17th Birthday

birthday, gathering

It’s kuya Em2’s birthday last May 9. We just bought the biggest pizza in town. It has 54 slices that costs less than a thousand. Some of the youth came and dine with us in the church. The cousins and friends came and gave him a little surprise. A friend came and brought the most favorite chocolate cake of Bobs. We all enjoyed and shared the food together. Em2 turned 17 and he’s excited to soar on high. While our kids are growing so we do, huhu!

The 17th Birthday

17th birthday, memorable

My teenager turned 17 yesterday. It was so memorable since we’re trapped in the middle of the city due to heavy rain and the water overflowed. We’re stocked and can’t go out of the city. I brought his brother AJ and wanted to visit La Salle University to inquire of the needed requirements before I enroll my teenager for college. It’s good that I was able to do it. At 4:30 in the afternoon AJ and I reached the university and the persons in charge were about to prepare to go.

At last, we’re able to go out after less than an hour of waiting. We proceeded to the university and ask his cousins to buy the huge pizza for a surprise on his birthday. His cousins and friend also prepared something for a surprise gift for him.

16th Birthday myspace graphic comments

It’s my teenager‘s 16th birthday today. We are blessed to have kuya Em2 when I gave birth 16 years ago. I could still remember that after the Mother’s Day celebration Em2 was born. It was also election day that I was crying for pain before Em2 came out.

Early this morning, we woke up and before they left for the Junior’s Camp in our church, we prayed for him and told him of our desire for him and to keep on praying and trusting the Lord in everything he is going to do.

He is now excited to be one of the counselors in the camp in spite of his summer classes in the afternoon. Once my baby now a teenager.