Living Life to the Fullest

Life is too short. Living life to the fullest would mean doing something worthwhile, memorable that pleases the One who made us, God Himself. I am glad I am chosen by God for His purpose. I am blessed amidst the struggles of life it may bring and had brought in the past. I am confident that He who promised is faithful!!! Thank God that we were saved by grace and we were blessed amidst the hassles and dazzles of life. God is always there. Thank you Lord.

AJ is on the Go!

We’re glad to see our son AJ moving forward and doing something for the Lord. Yesterday he asked me to buy a pair of sticks for his drums lessons. Indeed, dong something for the Lord is the desire of or hearts and allowing our sons to see what we’re doing is something that we treasure the most. Thank you Lord for the blessings as well as the skills.

I’m Blessed!

I’m blessed because I’m the child of the King. God is the all-source of our being here on earth. Without HIM, we cannot continue to exist. We need to bring back the honor HE deserves. Thank God for this day and the blessings that we received since birth. We are His workmanship and the light of this world!

Thank you Lord for all the blessings flow! Thank you Lord for blessing our children and our children’s children! Thank you Lord for using us to be a blessing to people around us especially the unfortunate and the unlovable. Help us to be a channel of blessing to all the oppressed and the underprivileged!