In a Camp

Our second son is now a teenager and he enjoys his youth just like his older brother. He attended a youth leadership camp in the southern part of Negros Island and he said he enjoys being a teenager with the group. After few days we forced him to join in another camp which is different from the usual. He didn’t want at first but he was forced by his brother.

Yesterday, we went to the camp site and we were told that he was enjoying and giving his best in the performance with the group. It’s good that we forced him, he is learning his way.

Just Came Back

Our teenager just came back from the youth camp in Cebu and he had a great experience knowing the Lord more. I continually pray that he will be used for the ministry and for the Lord’s work. He is enjoying his gift in playing guitar and he usually lead the group near our place. Thank you Lord for our kids.

My Teenager’s Focus

My teenager will be going to Cebu to attend the camp of Young Life. College students were given the opportunity to be a part of this activity. Most of them will come to know the Lord in this special occasion of their life. Others will be given a chance to enjoy and be a blessing to other youth represented. It’s something that they look forward to, my teenager will be asking help from other friends who have the heart of training the youth. It’s an opportunity.

Youth Camp




Last April we had our youth camp at Inayauan, Cauayan, Neg. Occ. Phil. and the youth enjoyed to the max. Somehow, the experience was memorable for them and they continued to keep flaming their hearts for the Lord. It was attended by more than 300 youth from different churches all throughout Negros, Panay, Dumaguete and even San Carlos. It was also a privilege and a responsibility since the youth must be taken cared of and be given responsibilities to move on and continue to make themselves available for the Lord.

Enjoying in the Camp

We started the Junior’s camp with some of the youth and help it at Trinity Christian School, Bacolod City. Glad to see the kids moving and learning more about Jesus. It’s a kind of camp that would make the life of the kids memorable and their lives will be changed after joining.

There were parents who joined last night. It was full surprises and kids enjoyed and gave their best to the max. We will have another activity tonight which is very crucial and will lead them to trust the One who created them who is the God of the wonders

In a Boot Camp

boot camp

Our teenager together with hubby and his younger brother attended a Boot Camp. They will be there for 3 days and I will be staying alone in the house. The 3 of them were excited since it’s a different journey and experience again especially for the guys. AJ is also active in pretending he’s part of the youth although he’s still 10 years old. Somehow, he’s learning to be independent and become a member of the youth after few years.

Junior Camp

junior camp

Two weeks ago, our church conducted a Junior Camp for graders and for the junior high. My son was asked to be one of he counselor for one of the group. He actually declined saying that he doesn’t have any clue on what to do as a counselor.

But during the duration of the camp, he was able to attend and be part of the camp staff, though for only a short time. During the activities and group dynamics, he was able to lead his group of kids. Their group actually display a very good presentation during the Festival of Talents.

Somehow, i believed that it was also an eye opener for my son, that he can do something great when he puts his mind to it. The one you least expect sometimes rise up to the occasion.