A Big Celebration

This coming Sunday we will be having a big celebration. It’s our 33rd church anniversary. We are preparing many things since it’s a big celebration and many will be coming from small churches, an extension of our church. Some were preparing for youth presentation, others for food and we also prepare for the choir. We were excited to join this activity in the church since we have our new church site and we were blessed by the Lord.


We had our baptism and family outing last weekend and we went to a far place where the grandparents of our church members stay. It was full of excitement and joy although we stayed in their house in the evening because the individual charge was quite expensive. The guys stayed late in the evening because they had camp fire while we slept early since we’re tired.

The baptism was held in the afternoon when we came and we had a short swimming near the seashore. There was fun and fellowship.

Out of Town

We will be out of town tomorrow until Sunday. Our church that we started in October of 2013. It will be for the first time that our church will have baptism. We’re excited and hoping that the enemy will not stop us in going and doing God’s work. Thank you Lord for the covering and shield. Many youth will be joining us and new couples.