Busy Week

After few weeks of being sick, now is the time to keep going. This is our busy week and there were groups coming to our State College and check our papers for accreditation. Our English and Social Science Departments were preparing for the First Level of Accreditation as well as our Engineering Department. It was so hectic that everybody could have no chance to be quite and do nothing. We all help prepare for all the documents needed for this activity. Somehow, we have learned to help each other and work together for a big cause of the college. It’s indeed a great opportunity to be of help and be blessed.

The Giver of Gifts

I trained a group of singers for the competition tomorrow. Since last week we had more than a couple of practices until weekends. It’s not easy but I enjoy training them. They’re fast learners and they did something good for the school. I just hope that they could give their best and enjoy joining the competition. Tomorrow is the final show and whatever happens, I am proud of them. The Lord has been good and faithful to all. He is the Giver of gifts.

Another Demo

The other day I was called by the HR in my school before and I was asked to prepare a demonstration teaching the next day. So I prepared until late midnight and did my demo this morning at 10 am. It was full of surprises since I didn’t know what is going to happen and who will be my critics for the day. I was asked to teach the subject that is not my major that’s why I need to prepare and give sometime of research. Somehow, I did something better and hopefully will be hired again soon.

Masskara Festival 2013

The most awaited Masskara festival is now on the way to celebrate. People are coming back and forth preparing for the said event. Tourists are getting advance bookings and many are quite excited to make this event a memorable one.

Somehow occasions like this make us feel good, but not always since many untoward incidents happened and it’s not good for all. Memorable for others because they joined and win the competitions. There are many prepared activities and people enjoy.

Summer’s Activity

summer activity, camping event

Summer is a time, wherein teens and even adults felt like released from a long boring holed in life underground. Thus, summer signals adventures, travels, holiday trips and just to loaf around. But in our case, summer could be quite different, because it is not just about having a wonderful holiday together, but it is an opportunity for growth.

We believe that summer is not just about fun – it is also about making yourself available, learning new things which you don’t have the opportunity to learn inside the four corners of the classroom. Summer is a time to explore and be immersed with other cultures, as well as a time to be equipped or be trained for personal development.

One of the thing that our teenager have decided to do is to attend a Leadership Camp for the young people. Actually, he does not want to attend. He’d rather stay back home for a while he said to rest. But, again, he was advised that the camp is just once in a lifetime experience, though there might be another camp in the near future, each one would offer a different opportunity for new learning and growth. So, with that in mind, he was persuaded to go to the Leadership camp.

Summer could be a time to just loaf around, just to relax and enjoy… but it could also be part of one’s growing up process. For summer, offers a variety of things for you to explore, discover and experience, and the only thing that limits you – is your imagination!

A Debut


Em2, our teenager attended a debut last night at L’Fisher Hotel, one of the known hotels in Bacolod City. He went out early with friends and he went home early morning because I told him to stay in the hotel until morning for him to be safe. When I asked him what time they went home he told me that he just go with a friend nearby and went home by himself. According to him, he only enjoyed the food prepared and the highlights which is the giving of flowers. and for him, it’s no big deal.


In our world today, teens are always looking for someone they can look up to. Artists, athletes, musicians and a lot more. Here in the Philippines, the Korean Genre is rising up and a lot of fans go crazy for them. One of which is my niece.

Yesterday she went to a pageant in a mall where her schoolmates are involved. There’s this contestant who looks just like the Korean artist she likes. After the show, she’s been having breathing difficulties thinking that she just saw her loved Korean artist named Myungsoo from the Korean Group, Infinite. She even cried while looking at him saying that she feels like just attending Infinite’s show.

Here are some photos of Myungsoo and the Contestant she saw:

The Momentous Event

We were in Malaysia visiting some friends during this time. We visited and dine with them. We went together with some friends from Thailand. It was a great experience for us. It’s nice to have friends around. Oh, I could still remember the joys and the laughter we shared together.

We were taking a pose with some friends.

Em2 was still 11 years old now a grown up teenager.

AJ when he was 3 with his Papa, we were riding in a car now AJ is a grown up lad.