Special Occasions


Aside from the family gathering, my co-teachers also had their enjoyment and recreation especially during birthdays and special activities. This is one of the gatherings we have had few months ago. We went to a place where we can sing, enjoy like kids and do something outside the school premises. Just to get out of our stressful activities and just enjoy with friends. It’s fun and we had good times together.

Youth Hour

with friends

Teenagers would enjoy doing this. Doing different kinds of activities that would enhance their skills are always the things they wanted to accomplish. That’s what my teenager is doing these days. He wanted to explore and enjoy with friends. And somehow I always check his friends to be with most of the time especially when he’s in school and during his hours with them. I gave him time but not often.

Em2 Meets his Ninang


Our teenager met his Ninang (godmother) in our concert last time. When he was still small he was asking the names of his Ninangs and Ninongs. Some he knew but many he didn’t. At long last, he met one during our concert and they had a good pose.

His Ninang was my close friend before during our college years and we were together in the choir. We have something in common and we agreed she will be one of our son’s Ninangs. We didn’t have enough time to see each other when Em2 was still small. That’s why they just met, sigh!!!