The Secret of Happiness

If wealth is the secret to happiness then the rich should have been dancing in the streets but only poor kids do.
If power ensures security then officials should have walked unguarded
If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships then celebrities should have had the best married life.

Therefore, live simply, walk humbly and love genuinely because the most essential things in the world are those that are often taken for granted.

Some Tips

Tips to be Good Looking:

For Lovely Eyes – Always look at the good side of other people
For Tender Lips – Speak only kind words towards others
For a Charming Face – Always smile with a happy heart
For Graceful Arms – Reach out with compassion to those in need
For Beautiful Feet – Always walk with God.

Be a good looking person all the time. May these tips be always with you now and always.

Another Words to Live By

Friendship is a golden bridge that spans the river of time
and links our hearts together even if we walk separate roads of life…

No matter how softly we pray…
God listens and understands.
He knows the hopes and fears we keep in our hearts
For when we trust in His love, “Miracles Happen”…

May you find this message interesting and intriguing. Intriguing in the sense that you search for the best. Have a blessed weekend.

Thoughts to Live by…

I missed writing these words to live by and I guess, it is but fitting to share something. Here they are:

*** The greatest challenge in life is to find friends who knows your faults and weaknesses but still willing to embrace you with so much love without doubt…

*** True compassion is love in action. It never asks; it comforts others the way God has comforted us… It’s not how much we say but how much we care…

*** Only God can satisfy the deepest needs of our hearts and make us truly alive
His love cannot be explained but can be experienced…

Hope you enjoy reading these messages shared. Blessings!

The Changes

changes, blessings

According to one author, “Life Changes” every now and then. We can’t escape from it. But there is one thing that never… it’s the way the Lord takes care of us. He is as close to us as ever. So just rest in His strength and love through it all.

Life has many obstacles and problems along the way. But God never changes, He is always there come what may, whether in season or out of season, in every way. I’m blessed how the Lord molded our lives and use us in our simple ways. He has been there and He is blessing us again and again. He is our GREAT SHEPHERD and our SAVIOUR. Just trust Him and He will bless you indeed.

Life Full of Blessings

messages to live by

As we travel through life’s journey everyday, I pray for a life that you deserve… a life as good as your heart, as bright as your smile and as wonderful as you are. Enjoy your life and stay in God’s grace and mercy.

Allow me to share 10 messages that would make your life meaningful:

1. Feel Safe
2. Take Care
3. God Bless
4. Good Health
5. Stay Cool
6. Pray Earnestly
7. Wear a Smile
8. Eat Well
9. Keep in Touch
10. Be Happy and Joyful

May this year be filled with blessings and surprises from the Lord.