The Love of Music

My sons love and enjoy music. Every time they were given a chance to play the instruments they love to play, they would really play the instrument and enjoy every bit of it. My eldest son is good in playing guitar while my youngest son is good in playing beat-box and drums. I enjoy singing and playing the piano or keyboard and their father is good in sharing anything especially God’s word.

Having sons that are musically inclined would mean something for me as a mother. I enjoy looking at them and they are good musicians. It’s something that you can be proud of and I guess, their father also proud having sons like them. Music soothes our hearts when we experience pain or hardship. Music would really mean something when you are down and feeling frustrated. Thank you for the gift of music.

Lovers of Music

These are my friends who enjoyed and loved music when we’re still in college. Some were principals, others are businessmen and businesswomen but few have gone so far in other countries having their own families and meeting new friends as well. Somehow, the love of music is still within us when we met last week. Old friends who were lovers of music and enjoyed any singing engagements. Thank God for creating music in our hearts and giving us the gift of singing.

Music in Action

Next week we will be traveling to San Carlos to attend the wedding of our friend and become Ninongs and Ninangs. At the same time, we will be singing during the wedding and hoping that my throat will accept and I can sing already. It’s the saddest part if I cannot sing well. I trust that God can heal my throat and I can sing for the wedding that day. That will be music in action. Somehow, singing will never come to nothing but to be used in any occasions and people will be blessed.