The Excitement in the New Work

Our teenager is already having a work online. He had given a chance for his cousin to do something and earn at the same time. He’ excited but sometimes lost his temper when things went wrong especially when the computer is not working as what he expected to happen and he has to learn in the process. Somehow, to work a different way is to be patient since it’s new and he has to discover new things. Hoping that he could develop this skill of being patient.

He’s a Blessing


Our teenager is a grown up man. He will be turning 21 this year. We are glad of his life and how the Lord blessed us because of him. He is now in his 4th year taking Engineering course. And we’re excited to see him growing in the Lord. Thank God for him even though there are some hard and tough times we were still able to survive because God is with us. We thank God for giving him to us. He’s a blessing!

Our Teenager- Em

Our teenager is already making decisions. He is already growing older and wiser. It’s always our desire and prayer that he would grow strong and mature with the fear of the Lord in his heart. Since he is the eldest, his younger brother is so dependent on him even on the choices of hair cut or anything about guys things. Although they sometimes fight, they help each other in many ways.

The Teenagers

Teenagers now these days have different ways of doing things than those in the past. They have their own way of life and don’t want to be led at times to better ways. I just feel sad that my teenager and the younger brother who is now on puberty stage have different actuations and behavior. I wanted them to be like me before that is so obedient to parents but it cannot be. They have their own choice and we cannot change if that is what they desired to do. Sigh! We just need to love them and show them that we care.

Our Teenager

Our teenager is growing and learned many things already. One thing for sure, we see to it that he has good companion since there was a time in his life that we didn’t care about his friends and they led him to destruction. Indeed, God is good and He didn’t allow him to continue going with them. Now we’re connecting to his old friends that can bring him closer to our creator. Praying that he would find himself under the shadow of HIS wings…

Our Gift this Summer

I had been looking for guitar accessories to be given to our teenager. This summer we wanted him to do something worthwhile. If we could buy as early as possible we could allow him to explore and create his own style and enjoy his music skills and talents. I will try to ask hubby about it and will buy if everything is agreed upon.

Our teenager will be excited since he loves doing something especially with friends.

MU Thing

My teenager was invited to a debut last weekend. It upset me knowing the fact that he likes the girl before they had an “MU” (mutual understanding) kind of thing. And besides, the girl met him just recently and was showing something. But then I felt good yesterday when I asked him and he said he’s okay since he saw the guy that was changed to him but sad because the family name of the guy was the same with us, ugh! Did I find her annoying? Anyway, what an experience for my son. Somehow, he saw and he believed me since I told him already and I didn’t like the girl anymore because of what she did, huh!


My teenager loves and enjoys with friends. We have noticed that as he grows older he wanted to be his own. And it’s good that he finds good friends in high school and he enjoyed being together with them. Sometimes, the friends will come and stay in our house and they will just laugh and eat and play guitar. But eating is always their hobby. Teenagers….. they have their own style!!! and joys!!!

He’s now a Teenager


Our teenager and my sister take a pose and had a photo taken before she went back to her work abroad. It seems few years that our teenager was just a baby with his aunt and now he’s grown fast and now having his own choices. How time flies!

Somehow, time must be spent well for the kids so that we can live life to the fullest. And time spent for our family will never be a loose but gain instead.

Before and After


Our teenager was still small on the first picture. He’s between the two manongs, his favorite brothers in the Lord. Kemuel and Kevin had been his support older brother in the Lord since he was still a kid. And they’re still enjoying together even up to this time. They had time together and enjoyed their company and somehow their camaraderie didn’t stop but still continue. There were times that they went out and watch a movie or play together in one of the playing station sin the city and we often look for them because they spent a lot of times just playing together. Now, they’re teenagers and they have different games, likes and dislikes but they still go out and do something. They’re already grown up teenagers.