My Son Continues

My son decided to continue his weekly activities in order to develop strength and vitality. It’s been his desire to improve his body stature and we were supporting him in many ways. He will continue to do his daily routine, there’s someone responsible to help him and he will just pay some amount to make it. He ask for another month so that he will continue to do it for strength and improve his body stature.

His Concerns

Our teenager is improving in the way he connects and performs his daily tasks. Before, I really have time to let him stop playing in the computer until midnight but now, at least he listens and do something worthwhile. He is now concerns about is studies and gave time in his lessons to be learned. He’s becoming a man and learning many things. I just hope he could continue doing the best in everything he does and performs. It will be our joy to see him grow in all aspects of life.

His Growing Experience

Our teenager is in his 2nd year in college. He’s taking Computer Engineering at La Salle University, Bacolod City, Philippines. Somehow, he is growing and learned many things, although he’s also doing unnecessary things that I don’t like,huh!

On the other hand, he’s learning and enjoying more with his guitar. He’s not contented with his guitar but also with other instruments. I was desiring to bring him to our outreach program so that he can also play. I have heard him playing drums lately and he loves it too.

Teenagers need to be guided these days especially this generation. They were kind of hard sometimes. They have their own desires and wanted to do their own way and it hurts for mothers.

The Activity

We had many activities these past weeks and we enjoyed looking at our students’ performances. Not only the students but also the teachers joined the students to sing and dance. One of the things I love the most is the teachers’ singing with gusto. Since he’s new to the institution as a member of the faculty he has to perform. He plays guitar and sang as well. I was thinking if it is a new kind or a different kind of guitar instrument because most of the students were enjoying while listening to their teacher playing. It was indeed a memorable experience for everyone.

The Need


My teenager and I went out and bought something for his uniform. We visited one store but it was closed due to the national election of the country. We went to another store and it’s good that it’s still open and we were able to buy 3 pairs of pants. We went to the best tailor and he was excited to finish everything for the day.

He went to see his friends in the university and I went home and bought some fruits for the family.

The Hurt Aches

hurts, heartache

My teenager is hurt few weeks ago and up to this time he didn’t want to talk to his cousin. It’s sad because they were so close and because of someone who likes the cousin and he didn’t like it happened. We knew the person and we all agree that he is not that okay for his cousin and besides the cousin is still as young as my teenager. She’s only 17 and still young in thoughts and actions and the guy has already experienced a lot of girls and my teenager saw them before. Guys are indeed guys and need to be stopped at some points. Hope it will be settled soon since the auntie is coming back next week from another country.

On CD’s

cds, savings

Have you heard about CD’s? CD stands for Certificates of Deposit not the cds that we normally use. It is a financial product that works just like savings account but with a different timetable. Just like having a savings account with interest within a given period. The CD buyer cannot withdraw the money anytime and it’s good because you cannot just get your money anytime but a buyer is forced to save it and wait for the exact time to withdraw. I thought it is the CD’s that my teenager is asking before in order to save his files. Now I know that not all the words that we knew would mean the same thing.

Do you know that there is the best cd rates available for your safety? You just need to put your money, wait for a specific period of time and withdraw it with interest. This sounds interesting, right? The longer the period, the higher the interest. I’m excited to buy a CD and avail this best cd rates. You just need to buy a CD, wait for an allotted time and you will gain a lot. I’m glad to know this and excited to prepare for my family’s future. I will also encourage my sister to buy a CD and avail of this best cd rates while it’s still available. She likes to have her own money savings. It’s easy and the money is safe. This best cd rates is the best in town, so why wait, try it now and enjoy the benefits later.

Our Teenager’s Worry

Our teenager is growing now and had many worries. This week I have noticed that he was worried of something. I was upset so the other night I told hubby to talk to him. Hubby was amazed of how our teenager worried about the amount he needed for their High School Leadership Training Conference in Cebu City this month. He was thinking of his training. I told his father and they talked about it ( man to man talk ).