The Player for Anniversary

Last Sunday we had our 2nd Anniversary in our new found church. I had been playing the keyboard since then. But this time I asked our teenager to play with me. We practiced a night before then planned to play together. It was good and first time for us to play as a team in music. One member of the young people uttered, “it’s a dream come true” since I had been praying that we will work together as a team in the music ministry. Praise God! It’s a dream come true for me as well.

The Other Gift

Our teenager wished to have a new guitar since his old instrument is not working well. Sometimes he used to sing with friends and wanted to be a part of soloist if given a chance. Aside from playing other musical instruments he used his other gift to give his best shot personally.

Hope he could fulfill his dreams as soon as possible. I’m excited to see him giving his enjoyable moments.

Enjoy Singing

Last week my teenager and his friends have time together, when I went home I find them singing and enjoying their song with harmony. And our son was playing his guitar. I was really enjoying while listening to them. And when hubby was at the doorstep he saw his son and was smiling at them. Somehow, we find them doing things they enjoyed the most. And hubby encourage me to acoustic guitar the kind of instrument that is better and could enhance their singing skills.

Continued Studies

Our teenager had just finished doing his enrollment in the university where he’s studying. He’s in 2nd year taking ComSci (Computer Engineering). He said he will be giving his best this time. And as a mom I’m excited to see him exploring and giving his best this year.

It will be an exciting moment for all of us. The Lord has blessed them bountifully. It’s always our desire that they will move out from their comfort zones and follow God’s call. That they will grow spiritually and enjoy God’s blessings.

Better Decision

decision, college

Our teenager is busy of his final exams so with his younger brother. It’s indeed a better opportunity for both of them to study in the Philippines. They missed the school when we’re in Thailand few years back and now they were enjoying learning in school and making friends.

As far as our teenager is concerned, he has been considering to shift to another course but not sure yet at this time. Hope he could decide the best course for him. When he stepped to college, his first chosen course was IT (Information Technology) but we didn’t want the course for him. So he opted to take up Computer Engineering course. But his desire when he was still small was to be a doctor. Now, his desire came back and he wanted to be a doctor this time. Hope he could decide the best.

His Dream


Our teenager wanted to become a doctor. When he was still small he desired to take a course leading to a doctor of medicine. However, changes occur last year that he was so anxious and afraid to study medicine. Somehow, after taking Computer Engineering his desire came back and now he wanted to be take a course again in preparation for the course he wanted. We’re not sure yet if we could afford to send him since it’s quite expensive these days and we don’t have enough to spend.

His Project

sing, play guitar, enjoy

Kuya Em2 had an assignment last time. It looks like this. He spent time to look for this in the internet. He was so glad looking at this kind of picture. Although I had a hard time for printing but it has a better picture.

Sometimes parents need to push their children to keep on learning and aiming high. And one of these is to perform his assignments and review his lessons. At last, kuya is already preparing for college life. He learns many things in school like playing guitar, singing and making his classmates smile and at times laugh. He might be excited to be in college soon.

Chess Tournament

It’s been a while that I wasn’t able to write here. There were a lot of things already that my teenager did something worthwhile but failed to write here. Anyway, there were changes that occur and just yesterday, our teenager won in the ACSI chess tournament with his group. They might know the result on Monday.

He’s learning to play bass guitar and had been playing for more than a couple of weeks already. He desired to take up Med Tech course in preparation for his desire to become a doctor. Hopefully we can look for the right place and university he could join in.

Let’s Share

Last week we attended a birthday party of 2 kids; a sister turned 6 and a brother at 1. It was fun, although it’s for kids party but we enjoyed looking at them. A lot of older people were invited and joined the party. There was a small swimming pool and the kids enjoyed swimming and we loved the food while the kids were away, lol!

That was fun. Our teenager didn’t want to swim so we had sharing time with others until I asked kuya Em, our teenager, of his desire in the future. He’s not sure by then, he’s not sure of his course in the opening of classes since he’s about to start his college life.

Until the other day when I asked him again of what he wanted to see his life in the future. He shared and said, I wanted to have a clinic of my own and give lollipops to little children. His Papa jokingly told him, okay I will be the one to provide the lollipops, lol! Now, we’re sure that he wanted to be a doctor. That was his dream even when he’s still in preschool.

We’re praying that the Lord will allow him achieved his ambition and that his dream would come true. I believe the Lord will give the desire of our hearts and answer the prayer of His children. How about you? What do you want to happen to your life in the future? Usap tayo, let’s share…