I was, after all, a Princess

Tranquility of the night, my favorite time of day
Father would sat down on the threadbare couch,
Picked his favorite guitar and set up to play.
He began to strum, hear, smile and nod at me
Looking at me, His eyes seems to approach
To dance, as he plays his guitar.

Brother soon appeared with a breezy voice,
He would start to noise
So I, dance with Cinderella
Round and round the living room I’d dance,
No longer a five-year-old with a baby face
Round and round I’d shift and twirl.

My hair came loose; my daddy’s eyes twinkled,
I’d sporting a million dollar smile as I danced.
I knew that I could do and be anything
That I could consider and been imagining.
When we’re done, brother holds my hand,
securely he said Let’s go, I’m with you kid

Then we’d kick off our shoes
And run outside through the grass,
Playing until the sky filled with fireflies,
Blinking their bright little lights
And feet would be stained brilliant green,
The joy of sovereignty and liberty .

That joy of running with my brother,
And green feet- free with the life’s wonders.
To be a princess or to be Cinderella,
Doesn’t need a kingdom, a slave or a citadel.
Just like stained-glass windows,
True beauty is bare only if, there is light from within.

Carefree childhood days and the stance of God’s child,
Not attractiveness, eminence, supremacy or regard
That makes you stunning and infrequent princess,
It’s your own heart’s bliss.
Not to nuisance others but to enjoy love with a loved one
That’s why; I was, after all, a PRINCESS.