Summer Time

My teenager will be taking subjects this summer and the enrollment will end tomorrow. Therefore, classes will start on Monday. I don’t know how to survive but trusting the Lord is always the best and ideal. Hope he could pass all the subjects and do his work well. I believe the Lord will provide and help us to keep going since I don’t have any work and I will focus more on the outreach in Talisay.

The Preparations

I’m excited of the summer activities. We were preparing for many activities and hope everything will be done accordingly. I need to involve our kids in the activities for more enjoyment.

Somehow, we need to prepare everything in order and I need to ask hubby since he knew more of the preparations. I will be there for help and other things to do. Hubby has better plans and is good for planning. I’m good in editing.

Camping in Summer


Going to a camping is always the desire of my kiddos. Our teenager is enjoying every time we went out and enjoy the going out activities. We went to a beach near the mountain one summer. It will be an exciting time once again if we can go sometime next month. Hubby was also enjoying and giving exciting activities to the youth. I was just there looking at them and cooking food as well.

The Carvin Reef Adventure


Our teenager has been traveling this summer to different beaches and enjoyed snorkeling at the same time with his friends and cousins. They had been to Carvin Reef in Sagay City, Neg. Occ. Philippines the other day and he enjoyed to the max with all the food prepared and they traveled to the island nearby for the snorkeling activity. It was one of his desires to visit this place and it was done. They opened the place just recently for public and the reef is preserved with all the amenities. I’ll try to ask for any picture they had taken.


snorkeling, beach

Our teenager is excited to go on snorkeling. He was invited by a family friend to go this week and enjoy going in one of the beaches here in Negros. One of things they wanted to explore is the beach that is known and many foreigners are coming because of the snorkeling activity. Kids would love to this kind of place since summer is about to start and it’s a cool experience to be out in the beach and enjoy the hot sunny days.

Joined the Singing Group

singing group, camps

My teenager was still singing this time, maybe a year ago. Before he joined the band in the church. His cousin was still here in Bacolod and left to Cebu after passing the board exam for ECE (Electronic Computer Engineering).

But now, he’s learning fast and can play acoustic and bass guitar. He loved to play instrument he loved even inside the house or before sleeping.

This summer they had a very hectic schedule because they with his cousins had helped in two camps; the junior’s camp and the youth camp. They will be back tomorrow. Thank God for protection.

“Extended Summer Holiday…”

Tomorrow’s supposed to be the first day of school for my teenager.  All his school uniforms and requirements were ready.  But today, he’s still not home yet.  He was still enjoying an extended summer holiday with his cousin and aunt at Baguio City at the moment.  I just received an sms from him, telling me of his adventure at the Summer Capital.  He told me that even this time of the year its very cold out there, he wished that we all have gone together.

My son’s extended summer holiday itinerary includes:  the Enchanted Kingdom and the Ocean Park.  I just hope that it will be a great time together with his aunt and cousin.  It could be another two to three days before he goes back home.  And this will be a new challenge for him to face, he needs to cope up with some lost days.