Music-A Part of Me

Music is always a part of me and my family. I had been enjoying my skill and I’m glad to share it to anybody who wanted to develop their skills and talents.

Somehow, my sons are having the same skill but the 2 of them are good in singing. The eldest is developing his skill in guitar. The youngest is improving his skill in drums. However, my younger son desired to have a new guitar and we were able to see it at ibanez rg series, check it out at and we will buy one for him.

My Keyboard

The other day my niece asked permission to use my keyboard because she is practicing her skill in playing the instrument. I might say, this one is what she likes instead of voice lesson. Her father told her to continue developing her skill in singing but she opted to play the piano and she is already enjoying her new found ability.

Nonetheless, my son wanted to develop his talent in playing drums which he had that when he was 2 years old. Now, he is on his way to develop it.

Our Gift for our Son

Our son graduated last week in his desire to pursue his dream of being a computer engineer. It was a dream come true. Aside from that, he is also good in playing guitar. While contemplating, hubby and I desired to give him something as a gift. So we gave him a guitar center coupon and choose for himself the kind of guitar he wished to have. It will be something that he can cherish after graduation.

An Instrument He’s Enjoying

Another musical instrument is now enjoying by our teenager just recently. A woodwind type that can be seen at which I believe is the one that hubby wanted to buy for his kiddos.I also desired that they will discover their own potentials and be used for the glory of God.

Every weekend our son and his cousin stayed late in the church just to prepare the place for tomorrow. Somehow, they have got their own enjoyable moments together.

A Desire for Music

Music is one of my passions. I am glad that God gave me this kind of gift and I’m glad to share it to others. This coming December, since it is the time of giving, I would like to bless myself. I tried to ask hubby and he gladly told me that he will buy powered subwoofer for my studio. That would be a great blessing.

Having this kind of musical equipment is indeed a great opportunity and use it for my family and our music ministry.

One of a Kind Instrument

Every time I saw a piano I can’t help but desire to have one. Music is always reminding me of my being a musician. This instrument has all you need, it’s a nord stage where you play alone but you have it all. Everything is provided for you to play like an orchestra. Wow! What a privilege if you got one of this. It’s a one of a kind musical instrument.

Discounted Items

Hubby and I were looking for different discounted items every now and then. It’s best if we could buy anything that we need for our kids and something for the house. Last week we went to a supermarket that and we saw gibson explorer for sale; our son is enjoying his new found skill in playing guitar. We told him and he immediately said, “could you buy for me?” We decided to buy and he was so glad to have it.