The Summer Plan

This summer is something that we are excited about. We will be going to 3 different countries to see different places and ecstasies and somehow enjoy the beauty of nature.

It will be a great experience for us as a family especially the kids. God is good in providing our needs. I do believe He will provide for everything as we travel. Thank you Lord!!!

Malaysia Travel

IMG_0677It’s good to travel and visit other countries. Hubby and I were able to visit this place last summer before going to our destination in Thailand. It’s the best place so far and we enjoyed visiting and roaming around the area. It’s full of fantastic and enticing places. It’s a kind of experience that we could never forget. Somehow, visiting other countries would make us feel good and we’re able to try other recipes, delicacies and spicy and exotic food. People are also good and could easily befriend us. Wished to be back and visit other places in another country.


The Trip



Last December we were able to visit Cagayan de Oro and attended a wedding of a friend. Since it was Sunday, after the worship, before the wedding in the evening, our friends brought us to the huge river where the people suffered from the loss of houses, some family and friends because they were living near the river. The devastating effect of the huge storm that caused the death of many. It was a sorrowful experience and the river became wide and dangerous.

The Memory of Traveling

Last Saturday our teenager went to Baguio with his cousin. Their aunt waited them in Manila before going to Baguio. It was first time for them to visit that place so everything is first time although our teenager had been to Manila many times but going to Baguio is strange for him. They had a great time and they were all enjoying the trip. Try to look at them.

They are wearing native costumes and everyone seems enjoying the trip. I was amazed of how they travel and enjoy their visit and travel. My teenager said, he will save some amount for the next travel next year. That would make him spare some penny everyday in order to reach his goal. My sister told them that they can still go as long as they have saved some amount for the travel. We can go next year I guess.

On the Way…

beautiful pathway

We love to visit place especially those who are suffering from hunger. We went to a secluded fishing village and we saw many who really suffered. However, on the way, you could beautiful and attractive places and we could never imagine that we are going to a place where people find ways and means just to survive.