The Level IV

This past few weeks we were bombarded by soooo many work to accomplish. It was not that easy. It hurts, needed more time but we don’t have enough time due to so many things to accomplish everyday since we are still teaching virtually and doing many activities for students to accomplish.

My position was also changed due to circumstances beyond our control and I need to accept in order for our college to be qualified. It’s a big task and the challege is great but God is the strength of my life. I was awake at 3am just to accomplish all needed documents. And I still have the strength the next day.

Thank you Lord for the strength, love and care you showed us. I’m blessed by the God of my life!

The Composition

Two decades ago I was asked to compose an Alma Mater Song. That time there was no available iphone, Samsung or any mobile phones that could help me to record the song. So I manually did it all. I recorded the music using the tape recorder with the help of the keyboard and sing at the same time. No one could help me that time.

Just recently, I was tagged of the music again and I was reminded of what I did 2 decades ago. I tried to finish the composition with the notes in it and look for someone to help me play the musical instruments. It was indeed a greater opportunity.

First Day in Boracay

Traveling to Boracay is not that easy. You need to be patient, you need to prepare physically and financially since the price is high compared to those that you can find in the marketplace.

But the experience can never be exchanged and compared. Boracay is one of the seven (7) wonders of the world. The island is so white and you could not find any waste cans or bins. No scattered dirts or any garbage that you could find. The people maintained it to be clean and beautiful.

But the thing that wondered me the most is the music that you could hear anywhere, it’s really cool and controlled, although people enjoy music anywhere but they choose songs that pleases the heart!

The Music in Motion

Music is a part of me. Whenever I have the opportunity to write, listen, play the piano, sing or train and direct a choir I could easily adjust, learn and get the pitch and tempo. I believe it’s a God-given gift that He entrusted and used for God’s purpose. A gift that no one could snatch away nor take a hold and claim as their own.

I’m grateful that God gave me gifts and music is a part of it. It is something that I enjoy the most and hold on to. Using it for a greater purpose especially in the church for worship and leading people. It’s indeed a blessing from the Most High.

A day ago, my bro-in-law tagged me in his post about their Alma Matter song. I almost forgot – i did the musicality more than 2 decades aready but I believe God in His own time prepared everything. God is indeed a miraculous God who makes all things in His time and purpose. He molded and prepared me. It’s the Music in Motion indeed!

The Grand Piano

My friends and I had a chance to travel for the first time in Manila. This is a long awaited time when the surge of COVID hit the world. Our travel was stopped 2 years ago because of this pandemic. Somehow, our travel experience was a dream come true.

Our travel is worth it, we visited different places and we met people coming out and dine with the family and friends.

Yet a greater purpose was accomplished, the greater piano was bought for the church. We were blessed, our church was blessed and hearts of people were opened and continued to bless others.

Meeting Friends

Even before, I didn’t enjoy meeting friends but I have learned as I grow older. It’s true that when you grow older, you become wiser while learning many things. It’s a privilege and must be enjoyed.

Now, I discovered I have a lot of friends here and there and that makes me glad. Thank you, Lord, for making me – me! A kind of person that has the willingness to forgive and trust God for the rest. A kind of woman that God desires. A woman of faith – a woman of hope and – a woman who forgives!

Meeting friends is indeed a choice and a lifelong experience!

My Special Day

A day to remember happened last weekend. It was my natal day. I celebrated at first with the students learning music in one of the Bible school’s in the Southern part. It was a small school with few supporters but with a big heart for the Lord. They sang songs and we enjoyed singing and eating together.

The next day was my special day. My best friend and I went to the mountains and feel the gentle breeze since the city was full of heat here and there. We went there for a purpose, just to celebrate and enjoy while looking at the scenery God created. It was indeed special because we prayed, laughed, and shared anything under the sun.

In the evening, another celebration happened with family and friends in the church. It was indeed memorable and unforgettable.

Then came Sunday, after the service, my sister prepared something to eat and we all dine together and had another celebration.

Music Plays

Music is part of my family and the part of me. Every time there is an opportunity to sing or lead in singing I would grab that opportunity and sing. I also enjoy playing either the piano or keyboard and guitar. These musical instrument helps me build the innermost part of me.

Music plays a vital role in me as I grew older. The Lord used me in many ways for the expansion of His kingdom building. I’m blessed and I’m glad for this rare opportunity.

Life’s Enjoyable Moments

When I think of life, I would choose to obey the Lord. He alone knows my needs, my future, my life and my all. Even my family, God knows and He is in control.

Life’s enjoyable moments would mean something with the Lord, with my family and friends. My life’s journey is tough. And the tough gets going but my God is great and everything is under His control.

Thoughts of Joy

Are we keeping thoughts that speak about in the heavenly realm? Or are we welcoming stubborn thoughts that would break our hearts and destroy us? Unhappy thoughts might break us but thoughts that allow the peace of God to guard our hearts and minds might give us unending joy.

These thoughts are: true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy that we keep His peace in our hearts. The peace of God… Let’s learn to keep those thoughts always!