Money Can’t Buy


I agree with these things money can’t buy. It’s hard to accept that sometimes people behave differently and missing some of these. Hope we have these manners and enjoy life to the fullest. Or it might be that we missed one but we need to work on it in order not to miss any of these.

This is something we need to remember and live for it. Indeed, money cannot buy any of these.

Habit Forming


This is a reminder for everyone to continue reading in order to make it a habit. When it develops, just give thanks to the Lord and praise His Name. You will increase your love for Him, the joy within, the patience to pursue, the kindness to extend, the goodness to continue, the faithfulness to claim, the gentleness to share, and the self-control to practice.

It’s a warning for us, why wait, do it as long as you can and you will enjoy reading.

3 Messages

3 morning messages:

1. In God’s eyes love is always present
2. In God’s heart forgiveness is always there
3. In God’s embrace no one is ever alone

In His presence, there is comfort and peace. Praise Him in the morning, noontime and evening. Praise Him when the time goes down.

Praise Him in everything. God is in control, whatever happens, God loves me so tenderly and He will never leave me nor forsake me. Thank you Lord for being there always at all times.