Dare to Give

I agree and believe that when we learn to give and dare to give something to others especially in need, blessings follow. A friend says, it hurts to give but when you learn the hard way, giving is just a way of life and it won’t hurt you anymore but make you a “better you”.

Dare to give and wait for the Lord to bless your heart! I have learned it and I continue to dare and wait on the Lord’s blessing, He is a kind God and never fails His children. I love King Jesus and I want to honor Him always in my life.

This Christmas season, many are in need due to a very strong typhoon that hit and struck some parts of the country. It was so devastating but God in His mercy, protected and shielded us. We just need to ask for help and He is just a prayer away!

Why wait? Start giving and you will be blessed! Your little work done becomes much when you place it in the Master’s hands and it means something to someone.

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