Irresistibly in Love

I’m not in love with a prince, not even with our campus heartthrob, or what is more with a sports guru but I am in love of God’s creation. I love beach! It is where I can utter myself more than I did at home or even in my friends. All at once, I would not be ashamed of what really my heart feels. I’m the silent nymph at home, school and nonetheless to my friends’ agenda. I’ve been fascinated by its perfectly-glazed colors, the sky, sea, sand and everything that can be seen in that spot. God has been so amazing in painting us a marvelous design that would make it perfect.

No one could ever hold back of the feelings I have with this beautiful present God has given me. In no doubt I can awfully say “I’m irresistibly in Love” by His irresistible LOVE.

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