Kuya’s new Hobby

Kuya Em has been pursuing a new hobby lately and that is long boarding. When we were in Thailand he was also doing skateboarding with his Thai friends in one of the parking lots of a big mall. He was used to having some bad fall back then. But it didn’t stop him from pursuing his desire to learn how to ride on a skate board.

Now, he was again hooked by this one. Long boarding is becoming a passion for teens in our city. You can see them everywhere you go, more often teens ride their long board going to school. They usually converged in the parking lot of our New Government Center, thus , you can watch most of them during weekends practicing their routine and few stunts.

Last time Kuya Em experienced a really bad fall, scraping his knees and even his elbows, at least there’s no broken bones. Unlike one of his friend who was brought to the hospital and have his bones set for the same reason. So i used to remind him to really put on some safety gears before doing his stunts. Kuya Em will always look forward to weekends with his friends, for now he had to wait, a storm is brewing on the horizon. Kuya is etching to go, but the weather seems not to cooperate – perhaps he also need to learn the value of perseverance.

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