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Last week we attended a birthday party of 2 kids; a sister turned 6 and a brother at 1. It was fun, although it’s for kids party but we enjoyed looking at them. A lot of older people were invited and joined the party. There was a small swimming pool and the kids enjoyed swimming and we loved the food while the kids were away, lol!

That was fun. Our teenager didn’t want to swim so we had sharing time with others until I asked kuya Em, our teenager, of his desire in the future. He’s not sure by then, he’s not sure of his course in the opening of classes since he’s about to start his college life.

Until the other day when I asked him again of what he wanted to see his life in the future. He shared and said, I wanted to have a clinic of my own and give lollipops to little children. His Papa jokingly told him, okay I will be the one to provide the lollipops, lol! Now, we’re sure that he wanted to be a doctor. That was his dream even when he’s still in preschool.

We’re praying that the Lord will allow him achieved his ambition and that his dream would come true. I believe the Lord will give the desire of our hearts and answer the prayer of His children. How about you? What do you want to happen to your life in the future? Usap tayo, let’s share…

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