Love is Spelled… TIME!

Time is our most precious asset.  Not one of us exactly know how much of it we have left, or what will be God’s plan for the rest of our lives.

But one thing for sure, we know God is in control.  We must think about priorities of what we have to do from God’s perspective not ours. Our family needs our love and commitment.  Sometimes though, in the hustles and bustles of our lives – we have forgotten what is important.

We need to understand that we must not exchange the things that are important to the pursuit of what is trivial. We overlooked something essential to having a happy family – time spent with them.  It is not about giving them the most expensive gifts, gadgets or by satisfying their wants.

It is more about spending time with them, taking the efforts to be involved with their interests and doing things together. Our children will one day, have their own choices and be independent from us.  So in their growing up, let’s make sure that we have not forgotten them.  A time spent with them is something they will always cherish and treasure.  Beautiful memories were etched forever when we invest our most precious asset.

For me it is not about the question of quality or quantity. What really matters – we all take the efforts to be with our loved ones.  Let us remember, love is spelled T.I.M.E.

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