My Journey Amidst this Pandemic

I missed blogging. It’s quite sometime that I didn’t write anything. I’m excited to write again my heart and my thoughts. Writing is my passion but it was twisted due to working online since face to face teaching is not visible this time.

A decision must begin from within. So I decided to start writing. It’s just as easy for me even then to write anything under the sun but time was so difficult for me to handle with all the meetings and works online here and there.

Nevertheless, I will force myself to find time to write small pieces of anything to renew my desire to write. I’m happy to be back.

When pandemic hit the world everything was changed. It’s not an easy journey but TRUST was the most important thing. To trust the One who is in control of everything, the One who gives life, the GOD of wonders, the Protector and the Saviour of mankind!

Thank you Father for being our God and our Shield, a Faithful and loving God who cares for those who call on His Name! You are faithful and true!

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