Seminar Closure

The seminar for the youth in our church ended last week. They had the best end and ready for the new training. My teenager is part of the seminar and glad that he learned a lot to manage life and be ready to be a grown up teenager. They even affixed their signatures on the bulletin board to remind them of their commitment to live up to the expectations of becoming the kind of person God wants them to be.

The activities were geared to make the youth of today’s generation to realized and unleashed their potentials in a productive ways. The learning gained by the youth were practical lessons that will help them in their life as a teenager. Somehow, it became an eye opener for the youth of the reality that they need to face in their journey through life.

The youth look forward to a new set of programs that will enhanced their skills and learning as well as allow them to be prepared in facing trials, temptations and difficulties of living in this generation.

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