Shaider – A new addition to the family

Shaider is a new member of the family. He came from San Carlos City and he was a full-blooded Japanese Spitz. Shaider is now six months old and a very energetic and loyal dog. I found out that Japanese spitz were very territorial and loved to play, his playfulness is beyond measure, giving joy and happiness to the kids when they have the time to play and romp around with him.

Shadier becomes the apple of the eyes of our kids and even the neighbor’s kids will play with him when he is outside. He is also very smart and obedient, learning to follow simple instructions and will obey some commands from the kids. He even know the area where he can pee and poof. Seldom do we have problems regarding his toilet training. I believe that one day, Shaider will really be learning how to play few tricks, it might take time and patience on our part to train him to become the dog that we want him to be.

Of course, we never did regret having him part of the family. In spite of his naughtiness at times, like chewing the shoes and slippers and even the electrical wirings, we will never part with him for the world. For us, Shaider is not just a pet fog – he is a family!

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