Soursop-Did you know?

I didn’t bother to check the other name for “Babana” as we fondly call it. It looks like custard apple but bigger in size. Guess what? It is known as Guyabano fruit and I just knew it as Soursop. What a name! Maybe because it tastes sour and children are not fond of eating this kind of fruit.

Certainly, I would grab one if someone will give me this kind of fruit. It is very healthy, it makes you strong and has a lot of benefits to your body, good food for cancer patients and good to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I planted one in my vineyard and enjoy the fruit in its season.

Even the leaves could be of help especially if your stomach is bothering you. My grandmother would usually boil some leaves and gave us a glass to drink. It helps our tummy rest for a while and we learn to love it though the taste is not as good as fruit juice or a tea.

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