That Blessed Hope

I felt uneasy to think of all the things that are happening around the world. Many things happened and many times it is the work of the people that wanted to destroy everything God created. It’s sad that people felt contended and failed to look up to the heavens and thank Him for all the things received from Him. Because of what we did that made our life miserable. God made and created all things perfectly but we destroyed so we suffer the consequence of what our hands had made. Different places were destroyed and people suffered.

In like manner, though we fail and we sinned against God, there is that blessed hope for those who trust in Him. To those who wanted to surrender everything to Him. The only thing we can do is to look up to God, ask Jesus for forgiveness and trust Him to work things out. He alone could save us and change our lives for His purpose. He alone knows and holds our future. Blessed be the name of the Lord. He is our blessed hope…. in times like this!

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