The Change

There were changes that happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. A change in the world we live in. A change in everything and a catastrophe to some. People won’t desire to have it. Some were amazed at how God saved them. Many were hard crushed and shaken. Few experienced loss and people panicked.

However, when there is a change in our behavior, in our circumstances, in the way we live and move, in the way we make things for ourselves, for others, and for the Lord, it is a change that we desired. A change within!

In like manner, when the super typhoon hit and struck many, bigger change had happened especially in the homes that were broken and lost. It was indeed an experience that many who passed through it, would not desire to remember again and again. But thanks be to God, these people who had the experience of the super typhoon on the hilltop praised God for protection and blessings!

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