The Friendship Bond

As my friend says: A strong bonding doesn’t need daily conversations; it doesn’t always need togetherness. But as long love lives in the heart “true friendship” never ends…

I do believe friendship will last as long as there is love being shared by any friends. Love connects them all. My close friend and I had been friends since college. Every time we have problems, we share our hurts; we cry and laugh together and we develop that bond of friendship that really lasts. Although at times we don’t see each other, we were just a text away from each other. We have that bonding of friendship that stays.

I’ve got true friends, they are not many but they are there when I’m down, when I’m lonely and when I’m ready to cry. That’s what friends are for. In good times and bad, true friends will support, show their concern and love for their friends in need. I’m blessed with true friends.

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