The Fun Run

One of the fun activities that my teenager joined when he was in Thailand is running.  He usually joined the marathon and fun run with his friends.  The running activities was sponsored by different schools, organizations and foundations.  All finishers of the events received a medal and a certificate of participation.

People from all walks of life usually joined this activity for fun as well as for their well-being.  Exercise is a lifestyle in Thailand, even older folks were keen on having their own exercise groups.  Some schools usually sponsor a fun run for individuals and families with cash prizes and trophies as part of their founding celebration.  A light meal is also served after the events for everyone to enjoy.

Our teenager already garnered several medals from his running activities.  He also gained self confidence knowing that he can push himself to his limit.  For now, since he’s back home to Philippines, he no longer have the opportunity to join any running events.  This kind of activity is very rare in our country – for the sponsors only do for competitions and professional athletes.

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