The Gift of Music

Music is always a part of me no matter what. It has been a joy sharing God’s gift with others. I love to sing and enjoy what I’ve been doing before. I enjoy listening to music especially the oldies or the style of Sandi Patti and other classical music. I also enjoy training the choir and doing something for the Lord. My aunties and uncles were singing before and I guess I got it from them. God is so amazing at how it handed from one generation to another but it happened and I have it. Thank you, Lord.

Any gift that has been done for the Lord and for the edifying of the church is something to be treasured. It must also be shared with those who desired to listen and appreciate it. God is indeed a giver of all gifts and everything we have comes from Him. That gift given to me is the gift of music and I will always share it to many.

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