Undas: A Gathering or a Celebration?

Whatever we call it, either in Ilonggo, Tagalog, English or in any language people celebrate and gather.

All Saints’ Day is an important day for many countries around the globe. Filipinos celebrate it with gusto. Traditionally, it marks as a holiday that and people have their own style of festivities. A celebration to recall the dead either our family, loved ones, friends or anybody close to our hearts.

Due to the coming of the Spaniards in the Philippines, this culture was being introduced and Spanish missionaries came to the country to share their faith. One of the cultures and became a celebration of the Filipinos is the “All Saints’ Day” which we celebrate together since it’s a holiday which is so similar to the celebration of the Spanish festival.

Other countries that was colonized by the Spaniards  shared a common festivity were also celebrating the same occasion.

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