When It Strikes

What do we do when a virus strikes? I could still remember when my son and I were stricken by this COVID a few months ago. I was not sure at first that it was COVID, I was adamant, I was insisting that it’s not, it’s just flu or something. Until I suffered for more than a week of body pain and decided to undergo a swab test with my son. Instead of 3 days to get the result, we were notified the next day that we are positive of COVID-19. I didn’t know what to do, I was upset but trusting the One who loved me and cared for me and my family, that settles everything.

One thing I did, was to trust and not be afraid, as what the song for children declares. It’s not that easy especially if you are facing struggles within, there were times that I had a short breath and needed to call a doctor for help. Yet she will just tell me to lie down with my front body lying down and relax and it helped me. I had a lot of crying moments with my God and waited on His healing. There were times that I would take a bath in the middle of the night when I felt the pain in my head which I could not control.

God is indeed a miraculous God, when you call upon Him, He will really answer and give you peace amidst the storms of life you are facing. Thank you God!

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