Praying a Friend

I visited a friend who is sick and started praying for him after cooking a bit. Praying a friend is indeed a blessing and a treasure to behold. A friend has been sick for quite sometime and really suffered but we have that faith that God will heal him and grant our desire to heal him.

God is indeed a great God and He heals our diseases and answers our prayers. I am blessed with God’s manifold blessings and guidance! He is indeed a God of wonders!

A Heart with Faith

A heart that has a firm faith will never be frightened with trials, tests and difficulties of life. We know full well that God’s love will not abandoned those who trust in Him. I always believe, God works in many ways. His plans are different from anyone and every individual has given a chance to choose wisely. The life we live is our choice, whether to live according to His purpose or to live on our own selfish desires.

Life is short as what someone would say, and it is true. Whatever we do it will always be connected to the faith we have in Him! Are we doing everything for our own desires? Or are we doing it to the purpose God has entrusted for us to do? It’s always our choice because God has given us choices to make just like Adam and Eve, God told them not to eat but they have a choice whether to obey or not and because they disobeyed, a consequence followed. If we obey and have faith in Him, it’s a faith that works.

What is your life now? Are you trusting the Lord for everything? Are you giving Him a chance to work in your life? It’s a choice.

Soursop-Did you know?

I didn’t bother to check the other name for “Babana” as we fondly call it. It looks like custard apple but bigger in size. Guess what? It is known as Guyabano fruit and I just knew it as Soursop. What a name! Maybe because it tastes sour and children are not fond of eating this kind of fruit.

Certainly, I would grab one if someone will give me this kind of fruit. It is very healthy, it makes you strong and has a lot of benefits to your body, good food for cancer patients and good to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I planted one in my vineyard and enjoy the fruit in its season.

Even the leaves could be of help especially if your stomach is bothering you. My grandmother would usually boil some leaves and gave us a glass to drink. It helps our tummy rest for a while and we learn to love it though the taste is not as good as fruit juice or a tea.

A Gift to Behold

When God created the universe He created me and with added blessings of giving me the gift I deserved. One gift though is the gift of singing. The gift that was passed on from my ancestors I believe. A gift that can be transferred from generations to generations.

God is a giver of gifts and we at times didn’t realize the vastness of His love, gifts and blessings! Thank you God from whom all your blessings flow. Blessings that we cannot withhold, gifts that we cannot afford to set aside, gifts that may overflow when it is its time to shine. A gift that we use to bless others.

The Gift

Singing is a gift from the Lord and using that gift is another thing that gives glory to Him! Someone who has the desire of singing to give glory to the Lord is something that God desires. When we obey the Lord, He is pleased! It says, obedience is the very way to show that you believe. Doing exactly what the Lord’s commands doing it happily with a heart. Action is the key, joy will be received if we obey.

Every time I have a chance to train singers, a choir or anybody who desired to sing, I would definitely grab that opportunity. I enjoy doing it knowing that I have the gift and I want that gift to be used for the Lord! It’s the gift that nobody could snatch it away from you. It’s a blessing and an avenue to reach out to others.

The Challenge

There were two kinds of people that lives in our society. One that hoards, and one that gives. The one that hoards missed out on something very essential to his existence. Since his hand is not extended in giving, he is not in a position to receive. His is a pitiful and selfish existence, one that is lonely and has nothing except money.

The latter always gives, delights in giving…and never asks how little must I give, but rather how much I can give. He believes that it is indeed a privilege and a joy to give…It is good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it is also good to check up once in a while and to make sure that we haven’t lost the things money cannot buy!

Reality check, people nowadays were quite fond of spending lots of money for what is not essential. They’d rather enjoy themselves by acquiring and possessing things – sad to say at times, money are hard to find, thus they would be doing all things to get their hand on it.

Even electronically they’d try getting cash advances to pay for their whims and wants. At times, the sad thing is that – even their savings will be depleted because their wants are more than their income. At least, as of now due to advances on technology, the banking system became easier to manage, thus they can avail of the online services, which competing companies were now exploiting for more profits.