The Gift for HIM

a decade ago I had the privilege to share my God-given talent to some churches in the Phil. I was asked to train a 100-voice choir for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of a Bible Institute. It was just small but many people in the mountains were being ministered to.

I went to different places and trained those who are willing to join and by His Great help, mercy and grace everything was done. The final presentation was held in the school near the church but only 80 voices joined the said event.

Many were blessed by the testimonies and activities done for 2 days. Everyone enjoyed and have fun because right after the presentation and the Thanksgiving celebration there were prizes at stake. So everyone has something to bring home.

Thank you Lord for that blessed opportunity to minister to people especially those living in the mountains… I love to be used in whatever work for God’s glory.

Fruit Lover

I love to eat red apples and other red fruits. I also love to eat red potatoes. I just wonder my kiddos didn’t like apples so much, it’s weird but I need to force them to eat. One of my dreams is to pick up some apples fresh from the tree, lol! It’s kind of nice feeling I guess, if I go up to the tree and get some and eat, lol!
Apples have a lot of nutrients given if we take it. It sustains and keeps us going. I remember one time when I was still studying and taking my Bachelor’s Degree. One of teachers told us that he was eating apple early in the morning to make his breath cool and to strengthen his teeth. He was so conscious about health and his body. And that’s true, eating apples, tomatoes and other fruits make our skin healthy and makes us on the go.