Amazing Race

It’s an amazing race as what our friends in Malaysia told us when we reach their place and not sure where to get our bus ticket. We traveled via Cebu to Singapore last May 5, then took our bus ticket online going Malaysia just to see the known Twin Tower and visit our old friends. It was an amazing race indeed! We were not able to sleep well since we reach Singapore at midnight. We could not even eat that much because of the very expensive food inside the Changi airport. Our kids were not enjoying at first because they wanted to eat and sleep. However, we have nothing to do because I don’t have that much to spend.

We reach Kuala Lumpur late in the afternoon. Supposedly, we will be there at noontime but we failed to check that it’s weekend and a lot of Singaporeans are coming to Malaysia for a holiday. SO we stayed in the immigration for long hours. We ate in a mall when we reach KL before going to Klang in order to meet our friends. Amazing thing happened. We were late in coming to Klang because we did not notice that we need to transfer to another train and we waited for another 45 minutes.

Somehow, going to another country like that we need to prepare extra amount especially with the kids. I have learned a lesson and thank God we were able to survive. We even slept inside the bus during night time while traveling from Malaysia to Hatyai, Thailand. After reaching Thailand, our friend and his family greeted us when we reached their place. It was truly a time to celebrate their 10th Church Anniversary. We rejoiced with them and we went to Songkhla Beach the next day and treated ourselves in a massage nearby.

In the evening, we prepared to another trip to Bangkok and stayed in another church for a night. The following day we went to Changmai by plane and had our tour the next day. It was a refreshing experience for us because we stayed and enjoyed the tour. Then prepared for another trip to Maesot to meet another friend. Then prepared for another trip to Bangkok after seeing the backdoor of another country.

Our experience was so tiring but going to different countries for the first time is something that we will always remember.

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