Music with a Heart

God gave me the love of music. I enjoy singing, teaching the choir, teaching music, anything where there is music. Every now and then, I play the keyboard and sing at the same time with my co-church leading in the church services. It’s an opportunity I could not do away or say “no”.

I’m blessed with the love of music and is connected with my love to the Lord my God who ransomed me and gave Himself for me. I’m blessed with people who love the Lord too, who willingly pray and support any endeavor and struggle that life may bring. It’s always true when you hear others say, “Music is the Language of the Soul”.

Perfectly Placed

The intricate physical, chemical and biological interactions that comprise our world bear the imprint of a sophisticated Designer, God Himself. We catch a glimpse of this complex craftmanship when God speaks to Job about things beyond our understanding.

This glimpse of creation’s magnitude causes us to wonder at Earth’s mighty oceans bowing before the One who shut up the sea behind doors. In wonder may we sing with the morning stars and shout for joy with the angels, for this elaborate world was made for us that we might know and trust the God of wonders!

Mysterious Helpers

Whether we believe it or not, we have mysterious helpers. These are the angels as others could testify and as what the Bible tells us about. The Bible says that by showing hospitality to strangers, we can entertain angels without realizing it. The Bible tells us that angels are at work, and they are working right now, helping God’s children. They can appear as ordinary as a person on the street or follow you without you noticing it.

We have mysterious helpers, they are following and keeping us safe. Let us be thankful!

The Miracle Baby

The miracle baby now turned 19. AJ as we usually call him celebrated his 19th birthday last Jan. 20. There was a little celebration due to the widespread of the virus in the city. There were only 8 of us yet it was a memorable one. We long to remember the memories and the time when I gave birth to AJ. I spent 36 hours and two induced labor before he came out of my womb. Praise God, he came out in a normal delivery though he had a fever because I had a high fever while inside the delivery room. But God was faithful and will always be faithful to bless and sustain him all through the years. We are blessed seeing him grow by God’s grace and mercy. Thank you Father for blessing my son and giving him a blessed and fruitful future with success!

The God I serve

When I was young and now am old, I am still longing to experience God’s presence. Yes, I believe He is there looking at me, following me through but listening to others’ experiences of God talking to them in their dreams helps me long for Him to talk to me as well, as what Samuel in the Bible experienced when he was still a young boy, he thought that Eli, the priest was calling him during the night. However, Eli taught him to say: “Yes, Lord, your servant is listening”. How I wish I could have the same experience.

Another author said, and I quote: Ask the Lord to unveil His purpose in your life, ask for His leading and guidance. Ask for help! And that is the desire of my heart while I’m becoming older. To be in His presence and experience His peace and hope in my hopeless situation. Gid is there and I believe He is working on my behalf!

The Serenity

There are many places I would love to visit but the serenity of Bulata Beach is something I would love to think about again and again. It is something I always treasure and remember. For me, the beach is peaceful and it gives me a peaceful mind with a peaceful heart.

Blessed Within

This new year brought challenges, hopes, victories and gladness in my life. I’m blessed within. The Lord gave me that confidence that no matter what circumstances life may bring, my anchor holds and grips the SOLID ROCK that is JESUS!

Though we may falter, we fall short at times because of our sinful nature but God who is faithful will carry us through and make our lives to become a blessing to others. That is our God! He can change our bad situation and sinful life to become a vessel of honor.

The challenge is: Whatever circumstances or trials we may be experiencing or facing at the moment, try to look up and ask for help. He is waiting and just a prayer away!

The Change

There were changes that happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. A change in the world we live in. A change in everything and a catastrophe to some. People won’t desire to have it. Some were amazed at how God saved them. Many were hard crushed and shaken. Few experienced loss and people panicked.

However, when there is a change in our behavior, in our circumstances, in the way we live and move, in the way we make things for ourselves, for others, and for the Lord, it is a change that we desired. A change within!

In like manner, when the super typhoon hit and struck many, bigger change had happened especially in the homes that were broken and lost. It was indeed an experience that many who passed through it, would not desire to remember again and again. But thanks be to God, these people who had the experience of the super typhoon on the hilltop praised God for protection and blessings!

Another Blessed Year

I’m blessed knowing that my God neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is the God of wonders! This new year, it’s a new beginning and new opportunities to work with Him and for Him. Another year to be a blessing to others and for the family. A year of helping others and bringing them to the Lord. A year of continued prayers and fasting and helping others in need.

What an opportunity to work with the Lord! Thank you Lord for blessing my family and my sons! A blessed assurance to be in Jesus!

Give and Be Blessed

After giving some gifts to our students yesterday to different towns and cities, we also bless those on the highway after seeing their houses being trampled down by typhoon Odette. Hearts were shaken seeing them receiving something to augment their needs.

Somehow, God is pleased seeing His children blessing others and taking time to be a part of extending help to those in need.