Memorable Time Together

memorable, beach

Our teenager together with his friends in the church were enjoying one time when we went to the beach. It was the best time for them to be trained and released their fears and struggles in life. Hubby was the one responsible for the training and most of them enjoyed. They had candid moments as well and they enjoyed taking pictures when the sun was setting down. A memorable time indeed!

The City of Smile

Bacolod City

I will be sharing some places we’ve been through and what you can do when you visit the place. It’s been my desire to share some facts and on how you can spend your time wisely and enjoy while traveling to different places.

This is Bacolod City, the city of smile. This is our new Government Center. A lot of people are coming to this place during night time either for relaxation, for meeting friends, or playing with friends or playmates. Other families also come to this place during night time. They are used to come and eat together while having some relaxation. Aside from the government center, there are also other activities here in our city that attracts tourists like Masskara Festival. Try to look at this picture below.