Writing – My Passion

Writing is one of my many passions in life. When I write something, I feel good and it boosts my morale as a teacher. Although I don’t have enough time but I see to it that I wrote anything to keep on going and sharing what I have in mind. Somehow, I have learned many things and I enjoy. Hubby has inspired me and gave me a time to be myself once in a while. Thank God for family.

The Weekend

I’m glad to rest this weekend though. But still I have something to do later. Anyway, it’s a great day to relax even just for a while and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a fine new day to behold indeed. Hubby went out early and I will be going out later and do some errands. The kids will be going out I guess, and the eldest will go to another city with the group and the younger brother will go to church and practice in music. He might be playing a musical instrument that he likes best.

Feeling Sad

I was feeling sad today. I felt betrayed and I’m frustrated, sigh! Why do I need to undergo all of these heartaches? It feels the world is turning upside down…. I wanted to shout but I can’t, I wanted to cry but I am surrounded by people. Wish this feeling will end but I guess, when you’re felling betrayed you can’t help but cry. I don’t want to go but my kids were waiting for me. What shall I do? I don’t know…..

Life is Tough

I can’t sleep so I decided to write to make my life full of reasons to work, huh! It’s raining and I guess I can sleep later. Father thank you for understanding and allowing me to pass through tough times. I have learned and gained strength though it hurts.

But I still need to be still and know that I have a God who cares. I’m still blessed though I’m hurting.

Feeling Upset

I just felt bad about my subscription to another online company. I cancelled my subscription but they still charge me to pay for another year. Sigh! I just hope it will be solved soon. I wanted my money back since I am not using it anymore. And besides they could not help me, my blogs were still hacked. I’m trying to contact a friend who could help me in this regard, huh!

The Studio

I’m excited for my music studio that will be opened next month after the finals in most schools. Many students are doing some inquiry and I’m glad to cater them soon. It will be another experience and I’m enjoying while training the kids. Hopefully, I could save some times in preparation for the recital. It will be an exciting activity for those who will become a part of this endeavor.

Many Work to Accomplish

I find it hard to finish my grades this time, I don’t know why? Somehow, I’m learning to do it reluctantly. Before, when the due date is coming I suddenly finish it before but now, I find it difficult. Maybe because I’m growing older and had many things to accomplish. I’m a mother of two, working 24/7 at home and teaching in school at the same time, I guess, I need a helper who is responsible enough to help me work the house errands, sigh!

However, my teenager is very relaxed in working his school activities. Hope he would also learn to value time.

The Needed Instrument

Every Saturday my teenager would usually come to church for practice. Our leaders have seen different needs especially in the music ministry. One of the things they needed was the amplifier which is very necessary for them to have a better sound inside. It was decided that the next month they would buy this kind of instrument for students to give time in their practices during weekends.

The Coming Celebration

Our church will be celebrating its annual thanksgiving anniversary this month and one of the things we consider is to look for speakers for the said celebration. Our church leader encouraged one member to prepare the budget and the amount needed for other musical equipment. It will be an exciting activity since our church is already more than 20 years old and many members are already working outside the country. They might sponsor either food or other expenses.

Guitar Player


I took some pictures while our teenager was playing guitar inside the church. He turned 18 last week so hubby and I would like to give him something. We will try to find guitar and choose one that he likes best. It will be another opportunity to bless him after celebrating his birthday. He has been enjoying to play this kind of instrument since we’re in Thailand. Now, he’s better than me who taught him at first. It’s a joy to behold!