Family Dine-Out

Yesterday we went out with my family together with my sister. It was not as expensive as we thought of since we chose to go to a discounted restaurant. They give 20% discount so I invited my sister and her family to go with us. It was quite an enjoyable moment since we just ate and went to buy something for our 12-year old son for his activity in school. We just roam around and went home. They visited our mother and we had some few talks before they went home.

Bonding Time


I’m excited every time we decided to have our bonding together with hubby. It’s a fulfilling experience and we enjoyed just roaming around the corner. One time, we went to NGC, the perfect place for lovers. It’s a government center where people work the whole day and another groups of people come and do their exercises, others would like to relax, and many played with friends. When we’re there, we met friends as well and share some thoughts before we left. I wish to go there often.