Reminisce the Time

I usually reminisce the time when my baby was still small. I caddle, I hug, run, kiss and do a lot and we enjoy together. Now, he has his own life and choices, sigh! It’s true when kids are still small spend time with them because when they become grown ups you could not bring them anywhere. But at times, I urge them to go with us and have time together. It’s a memorable moment to be with kids. And another memorable one when they have their own life to live.

I’m Proud with Hubby

Hubby is in the news just recently. He was training some leaders in the school where he is connected and some of the parents posted him in the newspaper. I’m glad that hubby is performing well and he did his best to bless the school and the students. Thank you Lord for hubby and my kids. Many people enjoy with him because he is a person who can mingle with anybody.

Hubby is on the Go

Hubby is now a certified teacher. From the field of army to the field of teaching. It has been awhile that he pursued his dream few years ago and now he is proud to become a full-fledged teacher. I’m blessed and glad to see him improving and reaching his goals in life.

Thank God for all the blessings flow. We are grateful that God is in control, good and faithful. God is always good all the time. Thank you Lord!!!

AJ’s Graduation

Today marks another phase of AJ’s life. Another year has passed and we look forward for more years and a blessing for our sons AJ and Em2. We thanked the Lord for our kids who had been a blessing to us. Hubby and I are always amazed of how they grow up fast and learn many things. Thank you Lord for their lives and they are now enjoying to learn more about the Lord and His word. Looking at them grow spiritually gives us hope that God is in control and all our prayers were answered. Thank you Lord!

Our Kiddos

Our kids are growing fast and learning new things as well. The eldest is 20 and he has his own choices and decisions. He can make his circle of family laugh while dancing. He could make us feel happy while enjoying our vacation. The youngest is 12, he used to make decisions but many times he fall short since he is still young and had a changeable decisions. However, he is growing tall and learned to play basketball. He is now 5’7″ and he will be turning 13 next year. Indeed, life is so fast and things changed so easily that we fail in many things but we’re blessed that we have our God who never fails. He is always there to bless our family and loved ones.

Our Family


Our kids are already grown ups. They have their own choices to make that they won’t listen to what we explain as parents. They have their own will and it’s difficult to persuade them and asked them to follow us. They have different opinions and choices sometimes could either made or break them and that breaks my heart.

But I am still praying for a better future and a blessing that only God could give. A blessing of hope, assurance, protection and wisdom of good choices in order to prepare them for a better tomorrow. I still believe that God has a plan for their lives and that they will excel in their own way with the guidance and leading from the Lord. A blessed family in the future.

Our Family

We have a small family. Em2 the eldest is 20 and AJ the youngest is 12. We find it joyful to see them loving each other together wherever we are and whatever we do. Somehow, a happy family is a gift from the Lord although it’s not that perfect but we enjoy going out together. Thank God for a family to behold and cherish.

We always remind our kiddos to spend time with the family since they are God’s gift and we need to give them the best of our time and resources.

My Teenage Guy

My teenager is already growing older and wiser. He just graduated from high school and had already went to La Salle University and checked his favored course to take up. When he was in kindergarten he used to say “I want to be a doctor”. But last year it was changed and was afraid to take up medicine because he was told by his classmates that he might not finish the course since it takes 10 years for him to finish it. And everything was changed because of that.

Nevertheless, we still keep on reminding him that whatever he wanted to take or study we will be supporting him. How I wish he could study in a better school and cheaper but its quite far from us since he needs to travel by boat before reaching that place and going back to our city.

Shaider – A new addition to the family

Shaider is a new member of the family. He came from San Carlos City and he was a full-blooded Japanese Spitz. Shaider is now six months old and a very energetic and loyal dog. I found out that Japanese spitz were very territorial and loved to play, his playfulness is beyond measure, giving joy and happiness to the kids when they have the time to play and romp around with him.

Shadier becomes the apple of the eyes of our kids and even the neighbor’s kids will play with him when he is outside. He is also very smart and obedient, learning to follow simple instructions and will obey some commands from the kids. He even know the area where he can pee and poof. Seldom do we have problems regarding his toilet training. I believe that one day, Shaider will really be learning how to play few tricks, it might take time and patience on our part to train him to become the dog that we want him to be.

Of course, we never did regret having him part of the family. In spite of his naughtiness at times, like chewing the shoes and slippers and even the electrical wirings, we will never part with him for the world. For us, Shaider is not just a pet fog – he is a family!

Almost Done

My teenager is almost done with his 3rd year and hoping that he could give his best. The next year he will be in 4th year and more works and activities will be expected of him by the teacher. He is preparing for his final exam this week. However, his younger brother is preparing for tomorrow’s recognition. I might be asking him o=to give his best next year since he is only 3rd in the class this year. He can still do more if he only study his lesson. I will be doing more of review for him to excel more in his studies.