Busy Playing

Our teenager and our eldest son is busy helping a church in their praise and worship. Every weekend he is going there to play the guitar and he is enjoying with friends and some other close friends. Glad to see him growing to know the Lord more. May the Lord continue to guide, strengthen, bless and support his endeavor as well as his studies. Thank you Lord for all the blessings flow…

He is excited to be a part of the computer industry but still wished to continue his desire of being a marine engineer since he loved surfing and enjoys going to the beach and search under water. It is really his desire to study that if given a chance.

My Teenager

My teenager is doing his summer class and continues to learn and be discipled by a person older than him. He is now learning more and becoming more responsible in everything he does. I just hope he would continue learning more and be a blessing to many youth in the future. It’s always our desire that he would learn to does things with the help of the Lord.

Youth nowadays needed guidance and direction since the world is offering different ways and at times it’s not what we expect them to be.

Mom’s Music Studio

Since my Mom started to open a music studio, she needs someone to promote, another one to share, and some students to join and be a part of the learning process. Maybe a bubble machine would also be needed for easy learning. My Mom tried to ask my help since guitar lessons are included. I did not agree at first but I guess, this is the answer to my desire to start earning my way. She’s needing a help if there will be many students. And I can help, though.

He’s Learning

Looking back I could still remember my journey in learning music. It was fun, I enjoyed and learned the best. My teenager is on his way and is also learning different musical instruments especially guitar. I’m still wanting to electric guitar in order for him to improve his skills and talents. This will be the best way to learn in his young age. His younger brother is also a good singer and will be learning music as well.

He’s Good at

There is a new headphone that my teenager desired to have this Christmas season. I was thinking of giving him as a gift since it’s a season of giving and blessing others. It’s the right time I guess. Instead of giving what I want to give, why not giving something our kids enjoyed. He is fond of playing guitar and I believe this will give him the joy and excitement. Just recently, we saw him playing other instruments in the church and he gave his best.

He’s Improving

Our teenager is growing and learning more and better this time. At least he is improving and enjoying his studies in the university. He gave more time in his studies and less in his online games. Glad to see him doing and showing his capacity to learn. We see him enjoying his church involvement as well. Hope his cousin will be back and join the youth in their journey to life.

The First Food


Our teenager did something last night. When he came home after school he cooked for himself since I already prepared for dinner. He told us that his classmate encouraged him to prepare this kind of viand for a change in his food for dinner. He likes the way he did and asked his younger brother to try a little. It’s simple but since it’s first time for him, we’re happy to see him doing it.

Continue Doing


Our teenager is now preparing for summer and he’s excited of what life may bring. Teenagers are enjoying everyday and I could attest to that since our teenager is doing his part to improve his studies. We saw him doing things and and enjoyed some opportunities on his way. He’s been to different activities that improves himself and continue to work with people.

Learning Music

learning music

My teenager has grown fast. And I have noticed many changes in his physical appearance, his likes and dislikes and specifically his desire of learning music. He has been enjoying to play guitar in the church and we have heard that he’s also playing in school activities. Somehow, his skills are improving especially in music. One time, he asked me to buy a new type of guitar, I haven’t heard of this. Maybe I need to check and see for myself before I will say “yes” to him.