The Flowers

MYM, yellow flowers


I always enjoy taking pictures after our worship service every Sunday since there are beautiful flowers offered to the Lord. And I’m not bored of getting pictures even if it has always yellow in it. It gives beauty to our celebration and gives value to the people who gave. It’s always pretty and attractive.

Mellow Yellow Monday photos are always on the go and it attracts.

MYM – A Place to Relax

MYM, a place to relax


We had been in this place few years ago. A place where you forget your worries for a awhile, the right place for kids to enjoy. This is the place where we learn to be on our own and had relaxed while we’re away from the maddening crowd. At least, we had time to be with our family while enjoying the beautiful place. Wished to be back again.

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday to everyone. It’s a joy to visit other places. Thanks for sharing.