The Instrument

As our kids grow older we saw them improving in their love for music. We desired and encouraged them to give more time to practice guitar and another instrument that they like the most. We attended a church that play different musical instruments and we showed to our kids on how these instruments were played. The group played together and clarinet reeds were amazing instruments. When we asked them to learn, they agreed without any hesitation. It’s a blessing to have kids who loved to play any musical instruments.

Music is Life

Our teenager enjoys playing his guitar and at times he wanted to learn another musical instrument to keep him enjoying the beauty of music. His younger brother had played his flute and wanted to learn more as well especially another woodwind instrument. He might say, I want to learn to keeping my clarinet safe and he did. That’s how music keeps them going and we’re enjoying looking at them every time they played.

Online Job

I joined the online last week and I passed the assessment but I felt a little bit sad because of the compensation. Anyway, I didn’t bother anymore since I have the chance to meet my students in another country and enjoy. I’m just hoping…huh!

Looking for a job is not that easy but when you enjoy and you’re used to it, everything is okay, I guess.