The Chinese New Year in Bacolod

Today marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebration in Bacolod City. People are excited to come and join in the celebration. For 2 days people were staying near lagoon where the celebration is present. But this evening, it will be celebrated here in the government center or the NGC. It will be a special occasion according to the mayor since a lot of activities are being prepared so that people will enjoy to the max.

A Day After Tommorrow

Jesus death

A day after tomorrow is the most awaited day for everyone all over the world. All the people around the globe seemed o meditate upon the Lord and how HE died for us on the cross. It was a day most memorable and thank God for sending Jesus to save us. It was the day of freedom from sin. About the shedding of blood (on the cross) there is no remission of sin. That means God’s love through His son Jesus we will be forgiven. We were cleansed and we were forgiven. Thank God for that great LOVE….

Happy Mothers’ Day myspace graphic comments

Early this morning my teenager did not want to go unless he could kiss me and I said just go but he didn’t want to. Then after kissing me, he shouted, Ma… Happy Mothers’ Day!!! Now I know that he can’t go without saying that words… Then younger brother said the same.

To all mothers… Happy, Happy, Mothers’ Day! You are the people behind supporting your kids. You are blessed! Be a blessing!